Friday, April 19, 2013

Someone Well known

    Sometimes it is hard to find someone who can truly build. Or someone who has such an interest on the topic of Legos. Many just don’t know where to get the inspiration. But this week I got to interview someone that has a wide range of knowledge on Legos. Anne from has shared some of her thoughts with me about Legos.

1.How did you come up with the idea with your blog?
Anne: “I have been a LEGO fan as a kid, but due to peer-pressure to grow up, and moving away from home, I gave it up when I was 14. I only got back to the hobby as an adult. Of course I had a lot to catch up with and I was super excited - which also meant I was driving my family crazy talking about LEGO a bit too much. So they suggested I start a LEGO blog. A win-win situation as I can yack about LEGO as much as I want and leave my family in peace...(c;”
2.What do you like the most about Lego?
Anne: “I look at LEGO not a toy but as a creative-medium like wood, clay or paint. I love the unlimited potential for creativity, yet having enough structure to bring dose creative ideas into life. It is an inspiring hobby that is both relaxing and mind-expanding at the same time.”
3.If you could build anything that you want what would it be?
Anne: “Recreate the world of anchient Vedic writings like the Bhagavad-gita, the Mahabharata and the Ramayan in LEGO. Imagine the huge battle-scenes, the expansive palaces and the so many human and non-human creatures! It would be awesome!”

4.What is your inspiration for building?
Anne: “It could be something I see in real life and I say..."Ah, that would look great in LEGO!" Or it could be a new LEGO set that inspires me to expand on the idea and perfect it. I'm also very active on the various LEGO forums and photo-sharing sites and often get inspired by the LEGO creations of others. And occasionally I challenge myself to enter a LEGO contest and build something with a deadline and building rules. And sometimes I just sit down and doodle with a handful of LEGO pieces to see what comes out of it.”

5.How did you discover Lego?
Anne: “My Dad is an architect and he regularly uses LEGO for modeling his structures. Growing up I first started to play with his LEGO, then I gradually started to get my own sets. Both of my parents are from Europe and they very much value creative and educational play. So LEGO became the most used toy between my parents and siblings.”

    I think that is it cool that we both have a big interest in Legos. Also that someday we want to build something huge ( I want to build the whole Wayne Mansion from Batman). But I want to know why she does not post her own creative builds. Those would probably spark some inspiration into some people. I found it interesting on how she first got inspired by Legos. Imagine all of the huge buildings and different designs he has built for his models. Nobody could out think her creative Lego ideas.

A special thank you to Anne for taking her time and answering these questions. It is wonderful to learn from a Lego expert.



  1. I really like how you are thinking about building the Mansion from Batman, that would be awesome! They once built a lego structure in San Francisco that was about 19 meters high. Even though I am not very good at building things out of legos, I do enjoy building them. What was the biggest lego building you have ever made?

    1. The biggest thing that I have probably built was a 2 feet high colorful building.

    2. Oh... The biggest I ever built was a 3 foot tall castle... I spent all of my birthday money on it.