Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to build a small Lego Star wars Gonk Droid

There are many reasons why it is good to know how to build a Lego Starwars Gonk Droid. It is good to know why if you have no room for a big model, you want to expand your knowledge Lego Starwars creation, or you just want to build something new. At the end of this, you are going to be able to build a Lego Starwars Gonk Droid.

For this project you will need:  two 1x1 clip pieces, three circular 1x1 pieces, one 1x2 jumper piece, three 1x2 regular blocks, 1x1 cover piece, 2x2 cover piece, two 1x1 headlight piece, and three 1x1 circular pieces. The pieces required  for this project do not need to be a specific color. You can even change it up and add a little bit of your own style in it. If you do not know what the pieces are, you can visit the Lego parts page.

First, you will need to lay out the two 1x1 pieces to start the base. Right after that, connect the two circular pieces to the clip pieces. Thirdly, attach the 1x2 jumper piece to the top to finish the legs. At the end of this process it should look like this.         

To begin the body, place a 2x2 plate on top of the 1x2 jumper piece. Then, place two 1x2 bricks right on top. Right after that, place the two headlight blocks to the front of the of the creation. For the eyes, you can put the 1x1 cover piece and the 1x1 circular piece where you desire. They do not have to be in any order on the headlight pieces. And to complete it, just add the 2x2 piece on top of the whole creation.                      

But it does not have to look precisely the same if you added some of your own style. If you had any trouble, you could just look at the pictures, or if your Gonk Droid has been destroyed, you can just reread the directions all over again.

This set of directions could be helpful if you do not not know to build a Gonk Droid, or you just want to expand your Lego creations. After reading these directions you should be able to build your very own, unique, Lego Starwars Gonk Droid.






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