Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brick separator thingamajig

          Not many people have supposedly seen aliens. But you better watch out because the new Galaxy Squad sets are heading out this summer. With the four different squads and colors they are sure to start owning some aliens. With all of the Aliens coming in, the Galaxy squad produces more different types of machines to get rid of them. For each different type of colored rank they have many tropical types of monsters/humungous bugs. My favorite squad is the Crater Creeper. They may be small in size but they are probably sure to produce a lot of bang. And the colors of this squad sure do stand out.
        I know that it is kinda late, but the spring mini sets have come out for the spring season. They have the tiny, but detailed, rabbit with a basket. Also, heading back a month, they have they Valentines box filled with whatever you please. And for the whole season they have the springtime scene.
        And it isn’t very common for series Legos to have lots of advanced building techniques ( Well correct me if I’m wrong). Well the Dc Heroes have created the Arkham Asylum. This place is HUGE! It has a lot of custom blocks, and even the vehicle seems to custom, or a new type of design. This sets also includes the brick separator thingamajig. This set has all of Batman’s enemies, doctor, special Joker, and BATMAN! Wow what a surprise. Lots of traps and moving blocks have also been added.



  1. That set looks very elaborate, but spooky and mysterious too! Pretty cool. How much do these sets cost?

  2. This set is at a high price of 159.99$