Thursday, March 21, 2013

Piggy Contest

             Lego has started off with sets like castles and car sets. But over the years they have progressed. They have added things like Lego Ninjago and even SpongeBob. Lots of people that it was weird with Spongebob. But what will they think in 2014 when Lego Is adding the Lego Simpsons. The Lego Simpsons are adding the whole family and all of the other wacky characters. Like Mayor Quimby and the clueless clown. I have never really had an interest for them. But this new theme is sure going to be talked about.
    Also in April Lego is going back to the past and Bringing up the Lone Ranger. That that is an exciting theme. They have the minifigures Like Tanto, and of course the Lone Ranger. Most of the towns and people they have encountered are in the sets. And even some new things are being added.
    And one of the most exciting are the BrickArms. This new Series has added a lot of detail. The figures have all new types of joints and the guns have been made from scratch. The Lego guns are like the remakes of Call Of Duty. They have battle axes and Swiss army Knives. Lots of new designs like crate lids and robots that are like the commander droids out of Star Wars. Also the guns come in the little crates that state the gun. These new Heroes are sure to bring the bang.
    And lastly Lego is doing another new contest. This contest is The Piggy Bank Challenge. You don’t have to just make the piggy bank out of Legos. You can make it out of any material that you want. The first place winner gets $1000. Second place winner gets $500. And last, which is third, gets $250. This is going to be one Talented competition. If you want to learn more about this and learn the rules, head over to The Piggy Bank Contest.


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