Sunday, March 3, 2013


The new Iron Man 3 sets have come to a spoiler alert. These new sets are showing the new people in the movie and also some new vehicles and buildings. They new sets are also coming out with the grey Iron Man. Heading into video how about the Avengers game. This game is going to include the whole gang from Thor to Deadpool. Also including all the baddies like Thor’s evil brother. This game though has not yet been released.
Also the Brick Powers game has come out and it is introducing some new characters. Like of the undercover ladies. They were pink and drive a pink convertible. They are also releasing some new vehicles. And some new places also like the pier. All of these new features will add excitement.
             And lastly Chima is adding some new features also. Lots of new sets and figures like the alligators. And the flying vehicles and cannons. Their animated show is coming out soon in summer after the ending of Ninjago. All of these new Lego releases are sure making there appearance. So have fun putting your pieces together.
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