Monday, March 11, 2013

Republic VS Sith...

             Star wars Legos have always set their minifigures on characters from the show. But this month they are adding some new ones that are one of a kind, apart from the others. They have added some new clones, the Republic Troopers, and some bad guys called the Sith Troopers. They are based off the sith warrior Darth Vader. And they have introduced the New Commander droids. These one of a kind baddies are sure to send  more Jedi's from the Republic.   
  Series 10 of the exclusive minifigures is being released also soon. They have an old man all the way to George Washington. And they have the ‘Golden’ Chase figure. They even introduced the paintball player with the new paintball gun. All of these new figures are sure to rouse up some excitement.
        And the Lego Star Wars planet puzzles have introduced a new galaxy. This new galaxy has the tie bomber. And comes with the pilot also. They are also bringing into the galaxy the Jedi Starfighter, with Obi-Wan's droid. And last but not least the Republic Assault Ship that comes with a clone that has a battle rifle. Those are sure to bring them back into orbit.
   And lastly the Yoda chronicles is premiering soon on Cartoon Network. This new show is all about Yodas adventures. And with the Yoda chronicles they are adding the new troopers which are mentioned above. This series is adding some new stories. Like his child memories and the people of his tribe. Leading all the way up to his life now. Which as you know is full of adventure and excitement.

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