Thursday, February 14, 2013

High Prices?

Why are Legos so Expensive?

Many people are flustered by the high prices of Legos. Up to at least  $0.12 for each block. And they are selling these to kids and teens! Where are they going to get this kind of money for little blocks? Many people are questioning why they are so expensive.Well as you may know Legos are too expensive for teens.
Well as you may know Legos were not always that big of a price.

But, over the years they got better quality and better pieces. But they still should not be that high of a price. They are for teenagers. What teenager is going to spend one-hundred dollars on a 400 piece set. Legos are too expensive for teens no matter what the quality.
Also, it seems like the Legos are now capturing the adults too. Not many kids or teens can get the high priced products. So it seems as though they are losing their main audience because of their high prices. And the older sets are now twice their value. They even may lose the adult audience too. Legos have go too far with the prices and are now losing some of their buyers.
And most important, some of their bad money choices have almost lead them bankrupt. What To know why? Click Here!!!! So it seems as those they raise the prices because of their drastic decisions. But it still does not help why they are selling so high. This does not make buyers very happy. They are not the best money makers out there in the selling business. Lego has makes some poor decisions with their money sometimes.
But sometimes they do have a good reason to have higher prices. Like when they make a new block or they put a lot of quality into them. But kids and teens do not care about quality. They just want to put the pieces together. So Lego should lower their prices but still keep up the quality.
           So Lego has such high prices, but not many buyers are happy about that. Lego should start lowering the prices and listen to the buyers. That would get Lego back into the house. ₪

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  1. Legos are SO expensive! They must have parents hooked though, otherwise they'd be out of business. I wish they'd make them cheaper so kids could enjoy them more!