Friday, February 8, 2013

New this Week

Lego is coming back with the new Lego superheroes set. This new set is all on the Man of Steel. In this new set he is fighting new enemy. Which is an opposite of himself. Also we have some new collector sets out. Like the new collector train. This train is orange and coming with style. And we have the Arkham Asylum for the collector Batman sets. And since they are now done with Ninjago they have come out with the new series Chima. And also the new Ninja Turtle sets. These minifigures look exactly like the ones from the show.
Also the new set 9 of the minifigures came out recently. There are 16 new ones out now. We have the judge, waiter, mermaid, the plumber, the Hollywood starlet, Mr good and evil ( He is kinda like Two Face from the super hero sets), the roller derby girl, the heroic knight, The fortune teller, the chicken suit guy, the alien avenger, cyclops, battle mech, forest maiden, policeman, and the Roman Emperor. But have you noticed. The rarity of extra tools and things that come with them is going down. Like the pretzel maker, his twisted pretzel is in the hobbit sets now.
And for all you girls that are fans of the Lego Friends they have also come out with a few things too. Like the Ice Cream Stand set and also the pencil holder. Lego is also introducing lots of new pieces. They have lots of new curved ones and some new colored ones also. And Many accessories are their trip down here to. So thats what is up this week. I will make my appearance next week. So leave some comments and have a good week. ₪

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  1. Jordan,

    I'm excited you are going to be writing about Legos! My brother and I used to play with Legos all of the time; it brings back fun memories. I hope you will post some of your own pictures soon to help enhance your posting!